Jim Parsons is Wheelchair Jimmy and he needs your help!

Hey all! As most of you know I’m a big fan of the show The Big Bang Theory. I have a Google Alert on the name ‘Jim Parsons’, one of the stars of the show. One my Google Alert results included a link which read “Jim Parsons Looks to Raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to Take WheelchairJimmy and His Accessibility Travel Website to the Next Level of Success

It intrigued me!

When I clicked it I realised that this WASN’T the Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory. But it didn’t matter because when I read about the cause I knew I wanted to chat to THIS Jim Parsons and see if I could bring a bit of exposure to what he is doing. 

There are probably two things you need to know before you read further. 

A) What is Wheelchair Jimmyand  B) What do they need?

What is Wheelchair Jimmy?

Wheelchair Jimmy is a travel advisory website, database, and YouTube Channel to make disabled travel more fun, accessible convenient and hassle free.
Jim Parsons is the founder of WheelchairJimmy.com. He created this unique travel advisory website to improve the quality of life, travel and leisure for millions of disabled persons in wheelchairs worldwide. 

What do they need?

At this point, WheelchairJimmy has created the engine and processes, but they still need to build the content management platform, extend their digital technology initiatives including data driven interactivity,and add new cities. To accomplish these goals, and to become the most trusted name in accessible travel, they are relying on help, donations and support from the community. 

Here’s an opportunity whereby you too can help make a difference! Please join them with your support and sponsorship! They need $50,000 to take WheelchairJimmy to the next level of success. Together we can make the world more fun and accessible!

So please go to Indiegogo, pick the level of your Support, select your Perk, then Share your support with your friends on email, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. And if  you cannot make a donation at this time, please repost and repost their message to your friends to help us get the word out. 

Jim Parsons says: “Our goal right now is to raise $50,000 in order to computerize the content management and do a few other tech items in order to load properties faster and incorporate user feedback. We’ve completed the database for 8-9 cities and all of New Zealand, but we cannot add these cities to our website until we computerize the system and make it more efficient and “scaleable”.  Once we get 10-20 cities onto the website, I believe our momentum will build.”

Please watch the Youtube video to hear Jim’s indepth commentary about Wheelchair Jimmy and this request. (unlike Sheldon Cooper, he talks your language!) 

I asked Jim, who is widely travelled, what the most wheelchair accessible city is.  

“I haven’t come across the most accessible city yet. Cities with steep hills and old historic buildings are not atop my list. Phoenix does a nice job on accessibility. Chicago, LA and NYC have a way to go, especially with respect to mass transportation. Much of Europe is a challenge.”

And he says that having the same name as the TV Jim Parsons doesn’t really have much effect. Jim says BBT is a great show but it has a different audience. 

I think the more we get Wheelchair Jimmy ‘out there’, the more random BBT Jim Parsons fans will come on and support, just like we have.

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