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Advertise Online With Me


Advertise online with me

My popular blogs, website and e-book have space available down the side and in the footer for you to advertise online.

What advertising options are available to me through what you are offering?

There are a number of options available and our solutions can be customised to meet your specific requirements. You can advertise or market online in one or all of the following publications:

Why should I advertise online with you?

There are many reasons why you should advertise with us.

All this means that I have a good reach online.

What audience will my advert reach?

  • My audience comes largely from South Africa and America, but also includes the rest of the world
  • The site’s readers consist of business people, students, entrepreneurs, retired people, authors – anybody who has a need for transcription, typing, proofreading or editing.

How do I go about advertising online with you?

Contact me for a FULL MEDIA pack and to discuss your needs. 


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COVID-19 - SA. Get the right information. As per the government's request I'm placing the link to the official site about the Coronavirus pandemic in South Africa on my site. Please place the link on your sites. It's the responsible thing to do. At the same time I'm looking forward very much to the day when I can take it down. #typeitright #covid19 Blogarama - Blog Directory