No man is a lone ship

Hey guys! I’ve been a blogger since 2005, but I’ve only done blogging for my business. My business page is here  but more and more I’ve noticed myself putting posts on there which I guess aren’t really related to my business. They’re related to my community activism, my passions, my interests and just …. stuff. So, it occurred to me that while I’ll probably still post those posts on there, at least until this blog gains momentum and followers, I need a personal blog too. LOL. So here it is, and I’m hoping that this will become a small kind of a journal, a place to put down my thoughts, a place to make friends and for you to contribute too.

I am a loner, an individual, someone who is very much an individual ship in the middle of all the ships in the ocean. I live in a big city – Johannesburg. And sometimes, when you live in a city like this and are surrounded all the time by people, places, things… you yearn for your ship to sail off into the open seas, even if just for a space. If it’s not possible, for whatever reason you’re not able to get away, it becomes challenging sometimes to avoid bumping into all the others. It’s a complex feeling. At the same time, you may just be wanting one of these other ships to throw their line across your deck, to say “hey listen, yeah we are all ships sailing around out here, but we’re not ALL out on our own mission – we see you, we care.”

Things like social media, like Facebook, can be positive or negative. Positive is when it’s used to make GREAT connections. It makes a whole lot of stuff more accessible. But it also makes it easier to hurt people – like put out invitations to a whole community, but make sure that the one person you don’t invite is also aware of the invitation. Social media is a whole new way of life, a whole new way of social interaction that I think the world is just beginning to learn how to use. I sit on the fence, interested to see whether the world will use social media for the good that it is so very capable of, or whether it will use it to indulge the latent cruelty which seems to lie within the depths of humanity.

And saying all that I’m reminded of the lesson that I am trying to learn, the one that I am teaching myself and hope to never forget – to not take life too seriously!

Mr Bean!

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