Robin Williams and the We Deserve Better Challenge


I, along with most of us I think, have been profoundly affected by the death of Robin Williams. It still seems unreal that we are living in a world without Robin Williams. 


There are only a handful of celebrities whose deaths have affected me in this way, and I think that Robin’s death has affected me so deeply because of the way he died. I loved Robin and his work but I wasn’t a hard core fan in the way that I am a fan of Rick Astley and John Ritter. Which has led me to the conclusion that it’s because Robin committed suicide and suffered depression. He deserved to feel better, and if we are feeling miserable, SO DO WE.

His death coincided with me being asked to do the Gratitude Challenge on Facebook. This should have been a cinch for me. I’ve been a player of the Glad Game ever since I read about it in Pollyanna when I was about three. But for some reason I just couldn’t do it. Which makes me sound like the most ungrateful person in the world, and I’m not. 

So I put some thought into what to DO about it. 

Today I realised that if any good is to come out of the death of Robin Williams, it’s for others of us suffering the same to learn to beat it. Beat depression, beat feeling blue, and not accept things that we don’t deserve. And so I have come up with the We Deserve Better challenge. 


Every day for seven days
–  post something on Facebook telling what you have done to feel better. For example, there is a shop in my neighbourhood which is really run down and horrible and when I go in there I feel like a sore thumb and I am not made to feel welcome. In fact I feel positively unwelcome there, yet I go there because it’s convenient. Well today I decided to go somewhere a bit further away but which welcomes me. And I felt so good. I will not spend my money in that miserable shop again, because I deserve better. 
I’m worth feeling good.
– Tag three other people that you are going to challenge to do the same.  You can try to pick out people you feel need it or people who will share.

Basically this is about learning to respect and love ourselves and others. To my mind this is the finest way to honour Robin Williams who gave so much to others but had nothing left for himself. 

#robinwilliams #wedeservebetter

However, if you feel that you do not need this, I’d ask that you just share it to help it go viral and as a nod in the direction of those of us who do who are now actively trying to change our lives. 

Post for Facebook: (copy and paste the following)


I have undertaken to share one thing I have done to fix something that was making me feel bad on Facebook for the next 7 days, OR to share the challenge – and then to tag three other people who I nominate to do the same challenge. 

Robin Williams deserved to feel better than he did and in honour of him the challenge wants to spread the message that if we are feeling bad WE DESERVE BETTER. This challenge is for the people who need to do it so your action can be doing or sharing depending on what your circumstances are. 

My action for today is:

I nominate:

Find out more here:

#robinwilliams #wedeservebetter
Get social!


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