RIP Nelson Mandela

An world icon of peace has passed away. 

It was Madiba’s ability to forgive which is the reason the entire country mourns today. If you learn nothing more from this man, learn to forgive, because without forgiveness, there is no unified way forward. Madiba also did things that I didn’t agree with (terrorism).   I may be a white person but I also feel I was affected by apartheid. Not to the same extent of course, but I was denied being able to get to know my country men and their cultures, to learn their languages. I was affected by the dislike of other countries and by sanctions. I was scared during the late 80s by the terrorist attacks, which being a child I didn’t understand so well.  We need to remember that Madiba was a man and not a god. Don’t deify human beings, because we all have fallacies and faults and it’s dangerous. This is the reason I stand opposed to the current massive swell of adulation for Thuli Madonsela, the public protector, who is not without controversy in her own past. 

Here is the most important part. The things that were inside Madiba, that made him the hero he is, are inside you as well. He was a product of Africa, a product of humankind. And SO ARE YOU.  And that is the hope of our country. 

Find those things, which may be dormant now, and carry the world forward in the same way Madiba did. 

When voting, remember the ANC of Madiba’s day is NOT the ANC of today. Jacob Zuma is most DEFINITELY not Mandela, and if he has those quailties, he is not exhibiting them. 

It’s up to you now to make SA into the country Nelson Mandela gave 95 years to.

RIP Madiba. You changed the world.

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