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Boys in the Band

Boys in the Band are one of Australia’s top musical ensembles, and I got to see and meet them!  It…

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Autographs and pics

Some of my collection of autographs. Sorry for terrible scan quality! As a child and teenager I collected them, and…

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Agatha Christie’s Birthday 15 September

Agatha Christie, to put it plainly, is a heroine of mine. It was the anniversary of her birth yesterday, and…

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No man is a lone ship

Hey guys! I’ve been a blogger since 2005, but I’ve only done blogging for my business. My business page is…

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RIP John Ritter 1948 – 11 Sept 2003

Something strange has happened to me. I’ve become a fan of someone 10 years after he passed away. I’m a…

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Interview with authors Jassy McKenzi and Joanne Richards

My friend Lornette Joseph and I were fortunate to attend a Bloggers get together held at Skoobs in Monte Casino recently.  We are bloggers (Check out…

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