Impressions of Comic Con Africa 2019

Impressions of Comic Con Africa 2019

A few days after the event, I’m still trying to gather my impressions of the spectacular event that was Comic Con Africa 2019 into a coherent post.

Batman by Gaynor Paynter

I think it’s right to start with the impressive organisation of an event which served, in the end, 71,000 guests.  Obviously the wheels were in motion many months before, but the bits I experienced – from the screenings for media, to the media launch, to the actual event itself were coordinated professionally and efficiently. At the venue, EVERYONE in an official capacity was helpful and friendly. (if they weren’t, I’d still be wondering around, lost).  The crowds although massive were well behaved with no pushing and shoving or disrespect that we experienced. To everyone involved, a massive WELL DONE. The media room provided a great respite in which we could actually get things together.

Our party was made up of a fangirl (me) and a couple of gamers and all our needs were met and then some. Your Q and A sessions were well managed, on time and organised – shout out to the guy with the roving mike! Same for the photo ops and autograph sessions.  (Could possibly have been more people selling the autograph ops on Sunday, but it all worked out well in the end). Also made many connections with artists and enjoyed being among like minded creatives.  My son is interested in going into the gaming world and this was a fantastic opportunity for him to sit and listen to those already there. With industry professionals everywhere it’s invaluable for youngsters trying to learn and very interesting for their parents, too.

The premise of this site is to celebrate those who tweak the golden thread of humanity. This is how you do it on a grand scale.

The highest highlight for me was getting to meet and chat to Daniel Gillies. I’ve been a fan for quite some time and was so happy when he announced he was coming. He was gracious, kind and thoroughly professional and I hope he comes back next year!

Archie and Jughead by Gaynor Paynter

My husband and son really enjoyed the gaming side and appreciated the opportunity to try out new games and watch others play.

If I have to make any criticism or suggestions, the only things that come to mind are that there could be a few more information boards, and an interactive GPS type map on the app could be a great idea for the directionally challenged.

A fabulous vibe and experience, which I probably never thought possible for me until Comic Con came to Africa.  We were proud to be South Africans at this event.

Is it next year yet?

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