Lloyd Cele – The Life and Music of Marvin Gaye

Lloyd Cele first came to prominence in 2010 during the same season of Idols as Elvis Blue and ever since then I’ve liked him. He was 50% of what made that season of Idols an almost impossibly good season, one which could have gone any way. So I was very excited to find that he’ll be telling the story of Marvin Gaye  in Let’s Get it On – the Life and Music of Marvin Gaye at The Joburg Theatre from 7 May to 16 May.  His shows are visually and musically exceptional.

Here’s Lloyd’s faultless version of Usher’s Oh My Gosh on Idols 2010.

Lloyd Cele will perform together with the incredible Vika Bull who will represent  Tammy Tyrell,  Kim Weston and Diana Ross and Anna Gordy. .

You got your grounding as a Worship Director at your church, as well as worship leader. Marvin Gaye also began by singing in a church. Was this a spiritual / soulful experience and does it still impact on your work today?

Lloyd Cele 1Absolutely … my spiritual foundation has been very instrumental in my success. Everything that I have been taught whilst in church has helped me as a person and in my career. This industry is very tough, without being grounded and having a solid foundation it can be overwhelming and can take you on a ride of ego; pride and depression.  I’m blessed to still be able apply my spiritual foundation and values to run my business and be great at what I do without getting my head big.

What other influences do you have?

I am influenced by people who are inspirational and purpose driven. They say you become the people you associate yourself with and I find this to be true. There is a lot of negativity in this work , these things can change you and affect your self esteem. I surround myself with positive people. People who can influence me to rise above challanges. My other influence is my family. My family is my greatest inspiration.

Describe that moment in the finals in South African Idol.

WhenI found out that I was not the winner, it depressed me at first but then I realised that this is what I needed to be motivated to work harder and make things happen for myself and not wait for someone else to make my dreams come alive. In essence my failure made me stronger and more determined to succeed.

Tell us about the Lloyd Cele show on Vuma FM

That journey has been on hold due to my demand in my music career. The show is vibrant , up to date and has live performances of some of the greatest artists in our country. The show is also very inspirational; I have word of the day, quote of the day and inspirational messages from the likes of Dr Phil and Oprah. I also chat about current issues and get listeners involved

Lloyd Cele 2What are the highlights of your career in the last five years, to you?

Singing at the memorial of Nelson Mandela.
Opening my own label , named after my son “Levi Josh Productions”
Releasing my biography “The Dream of an idol”
Winning a SAMA for best pop album.
Winning best RnB at the MetroFM awards
Performing in New York and Pennsylvania
Working with the best in the industry, releasing 3albums. To name a few

My site is about highlighting those who touch the golden thread of humanity, meaning those who have an impact on people across nationalities and generations by means of their art, music, etc. Is this something that matters to you?

Very much so. My latest album called “Grey matter ” is my initiative to fight against racism through music. I sing in 3 different languages, also have a tribute song to uTata Nelson Mandela.
I‘m very passionate about helping us as Africans to look beyond our skin colour and walk genuinely in love. I’m also very passionate about helping /inspiring kids /teens to pursue their dreams and never give up. I’m an ambassador for Reach for your dreams . Before all of this I worked for 10 years as a youth leader at eagles community fellowship ; where we equipped young people to be effective in their local communities. Making a difference means everything to me.

What is it that attracts you to Marvin Gaye?

Lloyd Cele 3His passion and soul is like no other. Marvin really sings his heart out . We are living in a time where that kind of soul is very rare. Music has changed a lot and people these days want to feel the music by dancing ; I love how Marvin taps onto the soul and moves you emotionally. This is something I admire about his music and hope to obtain.

Do you have a favourite Marvin Gaye song?

I love all of them. This is a tough one to answer. But if I have to choose one , it would be Sexual Healing. This is the song I audiotioned with for this role and always been one of my favourites

Is there anything else you would like to bring to our attention?

I’m currently in studio in the middle of all of this. I have been writing new material and have and new single called “Best I’ve ever had” , I also want to thank my amazing and loyal fans who have brought me this far. They are the reason for all of this success.

THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF MARVIN GAYE: on The Mandela stage from May 7th to May 16th 2015.

Read my interview with Vika Bull here and my interview with producer Simon Myers here. 

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